Friday, August 9, 2013


Perhaps the shortest Insta yet.  I'm really not sure where this week went!

I started out the weekend by hitting up the vintage sales in the West Bottoms in KC.  I hadn't been in a few months, and my friend Amanda (with whom I share a birthday!) and I thought it would be a good birthday activity.  Even though it was a little hot and muggy out, it was still a good 20 degrees cooler than this time last year.  I scored this sweet green necklace...

The day was full of all sorts of surprises!  I bumped into my friend Kem from Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth at Bella Patina, 3 old friends from our church in Lee's Summit at Restoration Emporium and was even recognized by a couple of fellow alums from college days while shopping at Good Ju Ju!  

On Sunday, I threw some chicken in the crock pot along with some Asian-y ingredients and - voila! - got this...

It was SO good!  I will be making it again!

Our bedroom has been in progress for over a year now.  The only 2 things left on to do list was getting a leaner mirror and a flat screen TV.  This week, I marked one of those off the list!

My former unit at work gave me a gift card for a going away present and I used it to get this mirror I've had my eye on for a while.  Hooray!

I think this is the record for the shortest Insta-Friday ever!  And no pics of the kids either!  I'm linking up to Life Rearranged.


Carla said...

I didn't see your new mirror but sure think your bedroom is adorable when i caught a glimpse today!

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