Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ladies & Gents...we have flooring!

It took me forever to choose my flooring for the kitchen remodel.  And I feel like it took even longer to actually get ready to install it.  This weekend was the perfect time!  Here yet again is a pic of the original kitchen...

I know.  Amazing, right?  Ugh.

The flooring - which we think was installed sometime in the late 80's-early 90's - was hideous.  I'm thinking it was that old based on the mint green laminate countertops and the age of our fridge.  You really didn't notice how ugly the floor in the old kitchen was, but once we painted the cabinets off white, the floor looked really dingy and gross.  The color just didn't go.  
It took me forever, but I finally decided on a vinyl tile product in a grey slate color.  My sister had used the same type of product in her kitchen and entryway and was really happy with the results.  I chose the 12" x 24" size to mimic the shape of the subway tiles.  The result is amazing!

Isn't that great??  I am over the moon in love with the floor!  We really don't have much more to do before we are finished.  Here's our To Do List:
Install floor trim, shoe molding and trim on upper cabinets 
Finish building the island
Purchase new bar stools
Install new lighting over the bar and recessed lighting
Install new transition strips between tile and hardwoods
And eventually:
Replace the dishwasher and fridge with updated, more energy efficient stainless steel models

We should be able to have everything except for the appliance completed in the next couple of weeks.  So exciting!!


Carla said...

Your handyman sure does a nice job!!! =)

Zeb Moser said...

This is exactly what our kitchen looks like and what we hope our after will look like. What flooring manufacturer is that? Thanks!

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